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  Anti-hail and anti-bird nets    

Woven net for hail protection TENAX PROFENDER


Tenax hail netting protects fruits and crops from hail storms. Professional, perfectly clear, with reinforced borders, Tenax hail netting protects fruits without shading

made in Italy

4x8 mm



Hail netting mesh to protect fruits and crops from hail stormshail protectionTENAX PROFENDER


Professional hail netting

Perfectly clear, it protects from hail without shading. This top quality and high strength hail netting is produced with reinforced borders, which make installation easy. If it is correctly tensioned on a metal supporting structure, it will remain tight even under strong hail storms.

  • With lateral reinforcement
  • It remains tight even under strong hail storm




professional hail nets

TENAX PROFENDER professional hail netting
to protect crops from hail storms

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