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Reinforcement and anti-cracking

Plastic and fibreglass nets for reinforcement and anti-cracking of plaster, screeds, thermal insulation systems and skim coats.

In case of screeds, casting and plaster, working perfectly sometimes is not enough. Further precautions must be taken to face cracking and plastic settlement problems. Metal nets are often used to tackle this phenomenon, but this is an expensive and demanding solution. TENAX has developed new nets that are more effective, less expensive and easier to install.
• RF 1, RF 2 and Armaflex polypropylene nets are used for casting, screeds and plaster with a medium or high thickness.
• Armatek, Kap, Kap/L, KAP/S and KAP/ETAG fibreglass nets are made of 100% fibreglass yarns coated with alkali resistant solutions.
They are used for skim coats, plaster and for joining plasterboard panels.