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Barriere paramassi in terra rinforzata rinverdita Sistema Tenax Rivel
Barriere paramassi con geogriglie in HDPE Tenax
Barriere paramassi e antirumore Tenax

Rockfall and noise Barriers

Reinforced soil embankments for environmentally friendly barriers

Rockfall barriers

Soil protection structures are increasingly widespread in order to ensure functionality and security. Among the most important solutions there are rockfall barriers, especially reinforced soil rockfall barriers. Tenax have been at the forefront of R&D in this field for many years. Thanks to full-scale tests performed in collaboration with the University of Trento, the Tenax RIVEL system has been tested with impact energy up to 7,000 kJ. The reinforced soil rockfall barriers provide an effective protection even in case of repeated impacts along the same line, they require little maintenance, they are not subject to collapse or decay, and their environmental impact is reduced

Barriere paramassi Tenax

Noise barriers

The increasing attention paid to noise problems caused by vehicle traffic or manufacturing activities has led to the development of systems for noise reduction, such as noise barriers which have a high visual impact and often do not integrate with the landscape. The solution: building reinforced soil noise barriers. The Tenax RIVEL system is certified by the University of Bologna and, thanks to its green face, has a low visual impact and seems a natural element of the landscape.

Barriere antirumore Tenax
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