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Geostuoie Tenax per la protezione di sponde di bacini e canali
Realizzazione sponde di bacini e canali con geosintetici Tenax

Reservoirs and Canals

Environmental engineering solutions for hydraulic works

In order to protect the banks of a reservoir or a canal, the interventions performed need to respect the surrounding landscape to integrate the solution into nature. The materials used must provide a technical function as well as allow revegetation.

The Tenax MULTIMAT geomat  and the Tenax TENWEB geocells protect banks subject to erosion caused by run-off or dragging by water current. Since they are flexible, they adapt to bends and can be used also for terracing.

To increase the hydraulic section, it is necessary to modify the slope of banks, in this way the space occupied is reduced and the design flow rate is enabled.
The Tenax RIVEL reinforced soil system is ideal for building banks of reservoirs and canals because it ensures stability of steep slopes too and enables face revegetation.

Technical Competence Center

Technical Competence Center

Specialized technical support for Designers and Contractors

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