CROPS & GARDEN - Plant and crops protection - Installation of anti-hail net

tunnel structure for vegetable garden greenhouse

1. Create the support structure, positioning the hoops on the ground and reinforcing them with METAL WIRE.
2. Lay the TENAX mesh on the support structure.

fixing the anti-hail net or anti-birds netting with TENAX CLIPS

3. Fasten the mesh on the hoops with the TUNNEL CLIP and to the METAL WIRE with TENAX CLIPS.


The effects of hailstones are not confined to the fruit!

Hailstones can have devastating effects on crops and fruit trees, since the micro abrasions caused by the drops of ice are like small, wide open doors for bacterial or fungal diseases. As days go by, not only are the fruit and flowers beyond repair, but the plant itself is at serious risk of dying.

What can be done to protect plants against hail?

Modern research in the agro-technical field has involved considerable investments into the most efficient protection against the “risk of hailstones”. The hailstone-proof meshes are an ideal tool to solve this problem: they prevent the most persistent and violent hailstones from damaging shoots and fruit, enabling rigorous growth of plants and, at the same time are easy to use.

Structurally, they cannot be deformed, offer high tensile strength and resist tearing, however they also improve air and light passage, making TENAX hailstone-proof meshes an “ever-present” solution. The exceptional resistance of the TENAX hailstone-proof mesh is due to the quality of the raw material, the strength of the threads and the thickness that guarantees maximum protection, even against hail storms:

  • they provide an efficient and active defence, capable of resisting stress caused by wind and hail
  • the passage of light and air is not obstructed
  • they reduce the percentage of damaged product in the event of violent storms
  • they are simple and fast to install and are long lasting

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