CROPS & GARDEN - Plant and crops protection - Installation of anti-bird net

Tunnel clips to fix the protective film on the tunnel structure for vegetablesTenax tunnel pegs to fix the greenhouse to the ground

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anti-birds nets on a small vegetable tunnel


Direct use of anti-bird netting on plants and vegetables

anti bird net directly laid on plants and vegetables

Lay the mesh directly on the plants or the fruit trees. If necessary, fasten the cover with the specific TENAX TWINE.
Now your plant is protected against birds attack.

Installation of anti bird netting on a support structure

anti bird net on a small tunnel or greenhouse

Create a support structure, positioning the hoops on the ground. Lay the TENAX mesh on the support structure. Fasten the mesh to the hoops with the TUNNEL CLIP and to the ground using the U staples.
The anti-bird structure will protect your vegeables against bird attacks.

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anti bird net used to protect garden ponds

Alternative installation of TENAX anti-bird netting
The TENAX mesh is very light and simple
to lay. It is therefore very efficient,
even to protect garden ponds, from falling leaves.