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  Anti-hail and anti-bird nets    

Hail protection and anti-bird net TENAX UTILFENDER


multi-purpose extruded net, ideal as hail protection net, bird netting and in harvesting olives, walnuts, hazelnuts and leaves

made in Italy

6x7 mm




multi-purpose extruded net, ideal as hail netting, bird net and for harvesting olives, nuts and leaveshail protectionTENAX UTILFENDER


Anti-hail and anti-bird net
Multi-purpose extruded PP net, more rigid and convenient, to protect plants from small hail and the attack of birds.
If laid on the ground under the trees, it is also useful in harvesting hazelnuts, olives or leaves.

  • Ideal as protection of fruits against hail
  • The rigid structure prevents the formation of sacs under the weight of hail
  • Also indicated for the harvesting of walnuts, hazelnuts, olives or leaves in autumn



multi purpose netting installation multi purpose netting installation

colour prod.
2.00x10 Green  73320206  8002929035608 
4.00x5 Green  73320406  8002929035615 

Tenax multi-purpose netting for hail protection, also as bird net to protect fruits and vegetables from birds damage, or for harvesting walnuts, hazelnuts, olives and leaves

TENAX UTILFENDER plastic net is ideal
as hail protection; it is also suitable for nuts or
olives harvesting.

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