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hail protection woven net
anti-hail woven net

7x8 mm

DEFENDER PLUSmade in Italy

Double thread woven hail net

Double thread woven netting, for extra strength and longer durability, it is perfect for protecting crops from hail even on wide structures and greenhouses.

  • Ideal to protect crops and fruits against hail
  • Also ideal as shading or bird protection
  • It does not obstruct the passage of air, water and light, allowing the normal plant’s growth

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protection against hailstones
protection against hailstones

top quality
top quality

strong and resistant
strong and resistant

with reinforced edges
with reinforced edges

Bulk rolls
colour code
2.00x50 Green 73021909 8002929050991
2.00x100 Green 73021209 8002929013170
3.00x100 Green 73021306 8002929029256
4.00x50 Green 73023206 8002929051332
4.00x100 Green 73021409 8002929013187
6.00x100 Green 73021609 8002929013194
8.00x50 Green 73023506 8002929051608
8.00x100 Green 73021809 8002929030917

For easy handling, transportation and stocking, the rolls are bent to form rolls of 1 or 2 m height.

anti-hail net, hail proof mesh