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anti-mole netting to prevent moles create molehills. The net protects the lawn against moles
plastic mesh to protect the lawn and the garden against moles, that will stop creating molehills

MESH: 12x12 mm
1x200 m - 2x200 m


The mole is an insectivore that prefers vegetable and flower gardens where the soil is moist and soft, because it feeds mainly on worms and insect larvae.

However, apart from this useful disinfestation, the network of tunnels that the mole digs also causes significant damage to the ground by tearing the roots from the crops and plants.
The mounds of soil on the surface, near the dug earth, also spoil lawns and make maintenance difficult.


Tenax anti-mole netting to prevent moles digging molehills HOW TO STOP MOLES DIGGING THE GROUND?

The TENAX S38 (anti-mole netting) meshes have proven to be very effective at stopping moles from digging the ground and damaging crops.

a perfect lawn without molehills
A perfect vegetagle garden and a compact turf without molehills damage. The anti-mole netting prevents moles coming up to damage the turf.

TENAX S38 made in Italy

Are you bothered by moles that leave molehills in places ruining your lawn where you had installed your beautiful turf and vegetable garden?

How to protect your lawn against moles without damaging them?

is the solution to get rid of moles without damaging them!

TENAX anti-mole netting is the long-lasting and reliable solution designed specifically to protect the lawn against moles.
TENAX anti-mole netting is made of bi-oriented polypropylene, a high-quality material, light, flexible but very strong and resistant.
The installation of TENAX anti-mole netting will prevent moles coming up through it to create molehills.
When the mole finds the net, it will leave the garden permanently and your lawn will remain free from damage!
TENAX anti-mole netting can be used to protect gardens and turfed areas. It not only prevents moles from digging through but also it improves root system of your lawn!

  • TENAX anti-mole netting protects against moles without damaging them
  • TENAX anti-mole netting prevents moles creating molehills
  • It protect gardens and large turfed areas
  • It improves root system of the lawn
  • it is lightweight, easily shaped and durable
  • It is not damaged by contact with the ground and provides effective protection for your vegetable garden
  • TENAX anti-mole netting does not harm the animals
  • Very lightweight meshes with respect to metal ones, easy to transport
  • Flexible, easy to lay
  • Resistant to chemicals and weathering
  • Available in 1x200 m and 2x200 m rolls

Bulk rolls
size (m) colour prod.code

EAN code

1.00x200 Black 1A120115 8002929102652
2.00x200 Black 1A120114 8002929102645



top quality mole net
High quality mole net

very strong anti-mole netting Light weight but very strong and resistant anti-mole netting. The mesh is bi-oriented giving the net high strength

UV resistant
UV stabilised, long lasting

Rot and rust proof mole net
Rot and rust proof mole net

lawn turf damaged by molehills

Moles dig molehills that damage the lawn.
TENAX anti-mole netting can be used to protect gardens and turfed areas.
TENAX anti-mole netting does not damage moles!

TENAX anti-mole netting can be laid horizontally for new garden or vegetable gardens in construction.
For existing gardens, TENAX anti-mole netting can be installed vertically.
See ANTI-MOLE NETTING installation for all details.

anti-mole netting laid horizontally to protect new vegetable gardens against moles
anti-mole netting for already existing vegetables gardens