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slope crest enlargement allargamento della cresta di un pendio refuerzo de taludes y aumento de crestas Élargissement du sommet d’une butte ou colline Расширение гребня склона
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Slope crest enlargement


Geogrid reinforced slope to enlarge existing area
Geogrid reinforced slope to enlarge existing area

slope crest enlargement

Geogrid reinforced steep slope to enlarge storage area TENAX SpA, Viganò (LC)



In many circumstances, the need to modify a slope’s geometry can arise:

  • to build parking lots or transit zones in the vicinity of houses or industrial buildings;
  • to enlarge or reconstruct hillside roads;
  • to construct new buildings or also, easier yet,
  • to increase the cultivable surface along mountain slopes by building terraces.

If such a project cannot be carried out maintaining the natural angle of repose of the existing slope due to obstacles present at the base (rivers, roads, adjoining properties), it may then necessary to construct a very steep slope, which in some circumstances, can be completely vertical.


TENAX TT geogrids allow the construction of steep slopes and walls with any type of soil; the front face can be planted or hydro-seeded or, if needed, it can be faced with prefabricated concrete elements.

The original slope must be cut at the base for a span wide enough to permit the placement of the geogrids (on the average this width is about 60%-70% of the height).

All construction operations can be performed with normal earthmoving equipment and unspecialized labor.


Due to the small working area required, traffic and normal human activities in the area nearby the slope will suffer minimum disturbance.







TENAX TT geogrid

TENAX RIVEL geogrid System and vegetative mat

TENAX T-Block Retaining wall system for geogrid reinforced block walls








slope crest enlargement with TENAX geogrids

With a geogrid reinforced slope it is possible to widen the crest of a mild slope without forwarding the toe of the slope.


1. Space gained at crest
2. Original profile
3. Reinforced slope
4. Slope cutting

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