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Young plants protection

Tenax offers a wide range of tubular meshes, available with a minimum order quantity, made from top quality polymers, in order to protect and favour the growth of young plants. The TG (Tree Guard) range, installed when planting the trees, protects from adverse climatic factors, from the intrusion of wild animals and avoids direct contact with chemicals during weeding, and cuts or abrasions due to mechanical operations along rows.
Parameters such as mesh shape and size, thread thickness and weight of a net allow you to identify the most appropriate type of TG mesh for different applications and plants.

TG 9, TG 28 – Microclimate: Protect branches and sprouts and create conditions that favour plant growth

TG 11 – Nursery gardening: Professional applications of production and marketing of nursery plants

TG 14 – Windbreak: It shelters from sudden gusts of wind and favours plant growth

TG 16 – Deterrence: It prevents small rodents from nibbling sprouts and soft bark

TG 30, TGQ 10 and 20 – Free growth: Suitable for big trees, ideal for silviculture

TG 19, TG EXA 500 and 600 – Protection against ungulates: It protects plants from the attack of roe deer and deer

TREE TRUNK – Protection against ungulates: Open on one side to adapt to larger trunks too