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  Soil reinforcement  

Construction of road and railway embankments


Construction of a road embankment

Construction of a road embankment


Construction of a railways embankment

Construction of a railways embankment





A road or railway embankment is normally a large structure, the construction of which always involves moving vast amounts of soil normally of good quality.
It also causes considerable inconvenience for the community, both in terms of land take and for the environmental impact such a structure has.

The construction of a viaduct or of a concrete structure represents a decidedly more expensive alternative, even in terms of the structure’s environmental impact.

To limit costs, it’s necessary to build road embankments having steeper slopes, or else to build them having the same shape but using cheap or available on-site fill soil with poor mechanical properties.

The utilization of TENAX TT geogrids allows for the construction of steep slopes (up to 80°- 85° above horizontal), while still guaranteeing full performances within the project designer’s safety factor.


During project design, it’s possible to consider all the stresses to which the road embankment will be subjected, such as static and dynamic surcharge loads, or eventually, the ones due to seismic activity, therefore guaranteeing the safety of the structure.

Furthermore it is possible to utilize any type of soil available on-site, allowing a considerable savings in terms of construction costs.







TENAX TT geogrid

TENAX RIVEL geogrid system and vegetative mat

TENAX T-Block Retaining wall system for geogrid reinforced block walls






a geogrid reinforced road embankment
A geogrid reinforced road embankment allows
to save 50% of the fill soil and 50% of the land
take (and even more) compared to a traditional
unreinforced one.


a geogrid reinforced steep slope for railway embankment

A geogrid reinforced steep slope allows to double
an existing railway line with minimal or
no additional space required.


1. Saving of right of way
2. Fill soil saving
3. Cutting profile
4. New railway line
5. Original embankment profile
6. HDPE geogrid







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