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  Erosion control  

Erosion control of slopes with vegetative matrix


control of erosion on slopes with vegetative matrix



The planting of a slope composed primarily of topsoil is limited to the selection of a seed-type having suitable herbaceous and shrublike properties, provided that the quality of the soil itself is appropriate for the growth and preservation of vegetation.

It’s also true, however, that topsoil, during the initial phase of planting, is easily subjected to washout and surface erosion brought about by rainfall, its consequential rilling, and by wind activity.

Such phenomena can induce significant loss of soil and the consequential formation of moderately deep furrows. All this occurs due to the barrenness and fragility of the vegetation during its first phase of growth and consequentially, to the reduced penetration of the root system into the substrate.

The use of TENAX MULTIMAT, a three-dimensional geomat, resolves the problem and guarantees effective anti-erosion protection during the germination phase.


During the successive growing cycles, TENAX MULTIMAT prevents the formation of deep furrows and interacts with the roots of the seeded species, providing them with a permanent anchorage and thereby preventing them from being torn-out and washed away.

TENAX MULTIMAT is easily installed by unrolling the product down the length of the slope and securing it to the ground by means of steel or wooden stakes.

The geomat is then filled with a fine topsoil mixture and seeded either by hand or mechanically (hydro-seeding being one such option). Alternatively the topsoil mixture may be premixed with seeds prior to filling the geomat.






colour TENAX MULTIMAT geomat









Installation of Tenax geomat showing overlap detail
Installation of TENAX MULTIMAT geomat showing overlap detail



TENAX MULTIMAT protects the vegetation at the first stage of growth
TENAX MULTIMAT geomat protects the vegetation at the first stage of growth


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