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  Erosion control  

Erosion control of slopes with arid and rocky matrix



TENAX TENWEB installed in an area subject to flooding

Anchorage detail of TENAX TENWEB on the slope

Tenax geocell can be cut to allow the planting of large shrubs and trees

TENAX TENWEB geocells installed in an area subject to flooding.

Anchorage detail on the slope.

TENAX TENWEB can be cut to allow the planting of large shrubs and trees.



A steep slope with anti-erosive protection by the use of a Tenax geogrids
Reggio Calabria (Italy)
A steep slope with anti-erosive protection accomplished by the use of TENAX geogrids











The soil making up a slope often has a predominantly arid matrix (due to the lack of organic material); this occurs, for example, while cutting rocky or, in some cases, arid slopes during road construction.

Under these conditions, it’s necessary to ensure that an adequate thickness of topsoil is provided to allow for the growth of vegetation. Since topsoil has poor mechanical properties it can easily slide down the slope, it could also get washed away by heavy rainfall prior to the onset of vegetative growth.

TENAX TENWEB geocells allow for the stabilisation of the topsoil even on very steep slopes, ensuring the lateral confinement of the slope itself.

Once opened to their maximum extension and filled in with lightly compacted topsoil, a stable planting structure is formed.

The surface of this layer can be further protected against superficial erosion through the use of geomats or biodegradable mats.

When eroded slopes are made from soft rocks and exhibit an unstable combination of loose rocks mixed with finer material, it’s necessary to build a secure system capable of preventing the detachment of the heavier and larger sized material and simultaneously retaining any growing medium.

TENAX 3D Grids MS multi-layer geogrids are particularly useful in this situation due to their high tensile strength and their dense mesh structure that is capable of molding itself to the foundation profile.

This provides an effective containment system for the grassed areas, protecting the latter from erosive phenomena associated with precipitation or with non-channelled flowing waters.





TENAX TENWEB is covered with biomats or geomats


TENAX TENWEB geocell is covered with biomats or geomats and hydroseeded to prevent rainwater erosion.


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2 - Top soil
3 - TENWEB geocells
4 - Biomat
5 - Staple
6 - Vegetation





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