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3D Artificial hedges

Range of beautiful artificial hedges with 3D leaves. The polyethylene leaves, which are full and luxuriant, considerably increase the natural effect of the product by accurately reproducing the look and colouration of natural hedges. TENAX 3D synthetic hedges screen, decorate and enhance spaces; they can be used as vertical greenery and green walls for indoors and outdoors, small and large spaces, and as real designer elements for enhancing environments with a touch of class. They are UV treated, do not fade, keep their features unaltered over time and do not need maintenance.


This range is provided in three different versions depending on the support of the leaves:


In the PANEL version, the support is composed of modules with square plastic grid which can be put together easily, thus obtaining the desired size. In the X-TENS version, leaves are supported by an expandable trellis made of natural willow or plastic, which can be easily adapted to different spaces and can be installed vertically or horizontally. Lastly, in the third solution, called PLUS, a roll of square plastic mesh supports the leaves, combining the convenience of the roll and its ease of use.