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  Soil reinforcement  

Containment embankments and reinforcement for waste landfill


argini di contenimento in discarica


NENT Landfill




Geosynthetics are presently an integral part of the landfill system: all the materials used must meet severe requirements imposed by the normative in use.


The geosynthetics must have a high chemical and mechanical resistance so as to guarantee the maximum safety and the greatest durability.

The types of systems that can be utilized to increase the useful volume of a landfill are principally two: the construction of reinforced embankments which act as a barrier or as a basal support, and the insertion of geogrid layers directly within the waste, thus building an embankment of reinforced solid urban waste.


Reinforced earth embankments constructed with TENAX TT geogrids allow: much smaller cross-sections in respect to those obtained in a unreinforced way; an increase in volume available for refuse disposal; and consequentially, they allow for a reduction in the quantity and quality of soil necessary to build the embankments.

This technology has found wide use and does not incur any particular difficulty from the project design point of view since the calculation methods are those used for standard reinforced soil embankments, while the refuse is modeled as a thrusting force behind the structure.


By reinforcing directly the waste and not the soil with geogrid layers, the available landfill volume is even greater with lower construction costs.







TENAX TT geogrid

TENAX RIVEL geogrid system and vegetative mat







Reinforced embankment dikes for landfills

Reinforced embankment dikes for increasing the volume of an exhausted landfill


A reinforced embankment dam

A reinforced embankment dam affords much more volume for the same land occupation.


1. Reinforced embankment dam
2. Unreinforced embankment dam
3. HDPE geogrid


Containment embankments and reinforcement for waste landfill

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