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Landfill: Leak Detection System (LDS)



The purpose of the leak detection layer is to determine if (and to what extent) leakage is occurring through the upper or primary liner, and to provide a mechanism for removing liquids that enter this layer. The LDS systems are installed between the primary and the secondary liner.

A leak detection system must:

  • provide rapid detection of a major breach in the primary liner system
  • limit the head acting on the secondary liner to less than the thickness of the LDS.

Achieving this efficiently is the challenge. TENAX GNT high flow triplanar geonets provide the most efficient results for rapid detection of leaks in the overlying liner systems.

Geonets have very limited storage capacity and a high transmissivity. The combination of these characteristics means that the geonet will not store fluids, but move them quickly through the net to detection locations, therefore minimizing the time between leak occurrence and detection.


To ensure unconfined flow and increase the Action Leakage Rate (ALR) High Flow Triplanar geonet systems are traditionally used in an attempt to maximize flow and reduce head.

TENAX GNT and TENDRAIN provide an ideal geosynthetic solution. TENAX TENDRAIN is a triplanar geocomposite with great flow capacity.

Triplanar geonets are also extremely resistant to compressive forces, even under the heaviest loads.


With TENAX TENDRAIN as the LDS, only one layer of geonet is required to limit head and provide rapid fluid removal, which reduces the costs associated with the installation of other drainage system.











leak detection system

New Hanover Landfill, North Carolina (USA)








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