SCREENING - Woven nets - Kit for shading gardens and terraces

Kit for shading gardens and terraces
Kit composto da una rete tessuta ombreggiantee corde di fissaggio per creare zone d’ombra in giardini e terrazze
verde beige


Shading kit

A kit made up of a shading fabric net, very thick and resistant, with reinforced edges and with metal rings in every corner. It is extremely versatile and creates decorative shaded areas in gardens and terraces. It can be installed quickly thanks to its fastening ropes which help to give the cloth the inclination desired by the user. For temporary usage, it can be removed at the end of the season to be washed and stored away for the following year.

shading kit to create shaded areas on terraces shading kitkit complete of accessories to creadte shaded area for gardensshading kit

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UV resistant
UV resistant

strong, with reinforced edges
strong, with reinforced edges

easy to install
easy to install

Prepack of
3x3x3 m
includes 3 ropes of 1,5 m

Prepack of
3,6x3,6 m e 5x5 m
includes 4 ropes of 1,5 m

colour code
3.00 x3x 3 Green 1A120340 8002929104670 4
3.60x3.6 Green 1A120342 8002929104694 4
5.00x5 Light Brwn 1A130270 8002929109507 4
shading kit for temporary shaded areas for garden and terrace