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TENAX GEOSYNTHETICS: Geosynthetics for civil environmental engineering: TENAX geogrids for soil reinforcement and retaining walls; geogrids for soil stabilisation; geocomposite for drainage of landfills; walls, tunnels, roads.



TENAX geosynthetics products

TENAX geogrids

Soil reinforcement

Construction of retaining walls with geogrids

T-Block Retaining wall system for geogrid reinforced block walls

TENAX solutions for railways

TENAX 3D Grids for roads applications

Stabilisation of landslides

Soil stabilisation

Paved and unpaved roads


Drainage of landfill

Erosion control

Landfill capping

Geosynthetics (Complete sitemap)



TENAX CONSTRUCTION: Building site fencing, road works, pipeline signalisation; nets for scaffolding covers, plaster reinforcement, geotextiles for drainage and protection of foundations, turf reinforcement and protection, screening



Building site fencing

Modular barrier system

Underground pipelines signalisation

Scaffolding covers

Composites for drainage, roof garden, green terraces, foundations walls

Plaster reinforcement and anti-cracking nets

Turf reinforcement and protection


Construction (Complete sitemap)



TENAX INDUSTRIAL APPLICATIONS: Nets for filtration, pleating supports, rigid mesh tubes, outer protection for filters, spacer, nets for reinforcement and support, textiles for industrial applications



Nets and tubes for filtration

Pleating support

Rigid mesh tubes for filters

Outer protection for filters

Draining spacers for membrane

Nets for support and reinforcement


TENAX GARDEN: Plastic and metal fencing; screening, shading nets; synthetics edges and lawns; crop protection, weed control and mulching; lawns edging, insect screening, winter covers for crops protection, anti-hail and anti-birds nets



Plastic border and fencing

Metal fencing

Screening and shading

Synthetic hedges and screens

Synthetic lawns

Crop protection

Weed control and mulching

Lawn edging


Stakes and supports

Instruments and accessories

Home & Garden (Complete sitemap)


TENAX AGRICULTURE: Shading and windbreak; thermal reflecting screens; supports for horticulture and floriculture, woven nets for the harvesting; turf growing; tree guard, olives net



Supports for floriculture and horticulture

Anti-hail net

Shading nets

Ground cover and mulching

Cold protection for crops

Anti-birds nets

Tree guard

Nets for olives and small fruits harvesting

Turf growing net

Net for removing moisture







Industrial Applications

Home & Garden


General map

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