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TENAX AGRICULTURE: Shading and windbreak; thermal reflecting screens; supports for horticulture and floriculture, woven nets for the harvesting; turf growing; tree guard, olives net




Shading and windbreak nets

Shading and windbreak woven net MONOTEX

Shading nets JAMAICA and SOLEADO

Thermo-reflecting screens

Anti-hail nets

Anti-hail net UTILITY

Anti-hail net DEFENDER


Anti-hail photoselective nets TENAX IRIDIUM

Anti-aphid net

Pollination net

Anti-birds net

Protection for improved growth

Non -woven fleece for crops protection

Ground cover

Woven nets for ground cover COVERTEX

TENAX COVERTEX white fabric for a natural coloring of the fruit

Supports for floriculture and horticulture

Net for flowers and plants support HORTONOVA

Nets for harvesting olives

Extruded nets for olives harvesting

Woven nets for the harvest of olives

Removing moisture

Turf growing net


Tree guard

Sprouts and bark protection, microclimate and windbreak

Tree protection from weeds and mechanical machines

Trunk protection nets

Installations structures



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