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TENAX geosynthetics technical literature


Soil reinforcement

Design Manual: Steep reinforced slopes, 1994

Instrumented Soil Reinforced Retaining Wall: Analysis of Measurement and F.E.M. Analysis, 2000

Instrumented Soil Reinforced Retaining Wall: Analysis of Measurement, 1999

One of Europe's tallest green faced geosynthetic reinforced retaining structures, Iserlohn, Germany

Geogrid Reinforced Slope Construction Drawings and Details

Soil stabilisation


Preliminary results from an instrumented railways embankment reinforced with a geogrid-geotextile geocomposite, 2000

Reducing differential settlements under a road embankment in Korea by use of geosynthetics: a finite elements analysis, 2000

In-ground test for geosynthetic reinforced flexible paved roads, 1999

Inchon International Airport: subgrade reinforcement with geogrids, 2000

Stress distribution in geogrid reinforced railway formation

Geogrid reinforced railways embankments: design concepts and experimental test results


Design criteria for geosynthetics drainage system in waste disposal, 1989

Capping of Steep Slopes, 35 m long, at the Cerro Maggiore Landfill, Italy 1997

Effect of soil presence on flow capacity of drainage geocomposites, TENAX TENDRAIN, under high normal loads, 1999

Roadway Base and Subgrade Geocomposite Drainage Layers, TENAX TENDRAIN, 1999

US Regulations on Solid Waste Containment Facilities

Erosion control

Erosion Control - The Design with TENAX TENWEB geocells, 1995

The design method for three-dimensional geocells on slopes, Singapore 1994

TENAX MULTIMAT 100 - A three dimensional geosynthetics product for erosion control, 1996

Properties and performances of TENAX MULTIMAT and TENAX PROMAT

TENAX TENWEB Construction drawings and details

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