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Soil reinforcement


reinforced soil walls and slope reinforcement, TENAX geogrids and geogrids systems for reinforced soil slope


TENAX geogrids and geogrids systems for reinforced soil walls and slope reinforcement:

retaining walls, reinforced soil for landslides stabilization, soil reinforcement for road and railways embankment, soil reinforcement for slopes enlargement, reinforced soil for sound deadening barriers,

Stabilisation of landslides



Stabilisation of landslides

Retaining walls | Geogrids reinforced soil slope and wall | reinforced wall


Retaining walls

Construction of retaining walls

Construction of road embankment


Roads, railways embankment

Construction of road and railway embankments

reinforced slope crest enlargement


Slope enlargement

Slope crest enlargement

reinforced soil embankment for landfills


Waste landfill

Containment embankments and reinforcement for waste landfill


geogrids reinforced soil embankment for rockfall protection


Rockfall protection

Embankment for rockfall protection

Reinforced soil slope for vegetated sound deadening barrier


Sound barrier

Vegetated sound deadening barriers





geogrids for soil reinforcement TENAX TT


Mono-oriented geogrid
TENAX TT geogrids are produced for the reinforcement of soil. Soil and aggregate interlock within the geogrid openings, which, confine the soil and limit its relative displacements and increase the soil’s shear stress resistance.


TENAX TT geogrids


geogrids for vegetated reinforced soil slopeTENAX RIVEL


Integrated geogrid system,
metal formwork, vegetative mat

The reinforcing element provided by TENAX RIVEL System is composed by a TENAX TT geogrid, a non structural guiding and supporting "left in place" formwork on the face and a vegetative mat.


TENAX RIVEL geogrid system

retaining wall system | | Geogrid reinforced retaining block wallsTENAX T-Block


Geogrid reinforced retaining wall system
The System features a modular precast concrete block facing unit, a polymeric T-Clip connector and layers of TENAX TT geogrid reinforcement material.


TENAX T-Block Retaining wall system for geogrid reinforced block walls


Wall system for reinforced soil walls | retaining wall with panels TENAX EQUITER


Panel wall system
System for the construction of confinement walls with a reinforced soil structure through the application of geogrids and prefabricated concrete wall facing elements.


TENAX -EQUITER panel wall system for mechanically stabilized earth walls



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