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GEOGRIDS - TENAX TT mono-oriented geogrid



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Mono-oriented geogrid

TENAX TT geogrids are manufactured by extruding and mono-directional drawing of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) grids. This technology produces products having important technical properties that permit their usage in structural applications.

TENAX TT geogrids, being chemically inert and having a high tensile strength and modulus are specifically produced for the reinforcement of soil.

Soil and aggregate interlock within the geogrid openings, which, confine the soil and limit its relative displacements and increase the soil's shear stress resistance.


Soil compaction produces an interlock between the soil and both faces of the geogrid layer, thus it's necessary to reach a higher level of tension in order to overcome such an interlock and give rise to movement.

The composite soil/geogrid structure therefore, acts as if it had an intrinsic tensile strength. The insertion of the geogrid thus produces a type of cohesion within materials that would be otherwise non-cohesive.


The soil/geogrid structure integrates the fill soil high compressive strength with the geogrid's tensile strength, thus creating a material having greater rigidity and stability than the aggregate alone.


The geogrids capacity to absorb stresses and redistribute them in the reinforced mass further increases the structure's resistance to static and dynamic loads.

TENAX TT geogrids therefore constitute an innovative and advantageous solution from a technical and economic point of view for all applications requiring improvement in the characteristics of the granular, cohesive, unconsolidated, or aggregate materials.





GEOGRIDS - Data sheets


Geogrids TENAX TT 45 60 90 120 GS

Geogrids TENAX TT 160 GS

Geogrids TENAX TT RW



GEOGRIDS - Technical note

Geogrids Durability assessment



GEOGRIDS - Installation guidelines


Reinforced soil walls and steep slopes using the TENAX RIVEL System



GEOGRIDS -Applications


Stabilisation of landslides

Construction of retaining walls

Slope crest enlargement

Vegetated sound deadening barriers

Construction of road and railway embankments

Containment embankments and reinforcement for waste landfill

Embankment for rockfall protection

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