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Geotextile geonet geocomposite TENAX TN



Geotextile geonet geocomposites TENAX TN high filtering drainage capacity for drainage of landfill, retaining wall drainage, underground walls








Geotextile Geonet Geocomposite

TENAX TN are geocomposites having high filtering and drainage capacity, produced by laminating TENAX geonets with geotextiles.

The laminating of geonets, with their high drainage and load distributing capacity, with filtering geotextiles allows an extremely compact and easy to use "filtering-drainage-protection" system to be installed.

The possibility to choose from the varying solutions afforded by the many TENAX geocomposites, each with its own unique set of characteristics, allows the designer ample choice for his specific project needs.













TENAX TN geocomposites - Data sheets


TENAX TN 450 geocomposite

TENAX TN 750 geocomposite



TENAX TN geocomposites -Tender specs


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TENAX TN geocomposites - Applications


Drainage of landfill

Underground walls and retaining walls drainage

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