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geosynthetics function funzione dei geosintetici Функции геосинтетических продуктов
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Geosynthetics function

reinforcement of walls and steep slopes

Reinforcement of
walls/steep slopes

monodirectional geogrids,
woven geotextiles

Provide tensile forces in the soil mass

reinforcement of soft soil

Reinforcement of
soft soil

bidirectional geogrids,
geotextiles, geocomposites

Increase the bearing capacity

reinforcement of concrete

Reinforcement of
concrete, asphalt

bidirectional geogrids

Provide tensile and fatique resistance

"Geosynthetics" is a general term which identifies a broad range of products, such as geotextiles, geomembranes, geogrids, geonets, geocomposites, geomats and many other.


 TENAX geosynthetics

 Geosynthetics terminology

Geosynthetics funcion



geotextiles, geocomposites

Allow the passage of fluids preventing the migration of soil particles



geonets, geocomposites

Transport of fluids



geotextiles, geocomposites

Prevent the mixing of two different soils or materials



nonwoven geotextiles,
geonets, geocomposites

Avoid damages to a structure, a material or another geosynthetic



geomembranes, geocomposites

Fluid barrier




Restrain the lateral movement of a soil mass

erosion control

Erosion control and surfacial stabilisation

geomats, geocells,
biomats, bionets

Avoid the detachment and transport of soil particles by rain, runoff and wind; root anchorage

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