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underground walls and retaining walls muri interrati e muri di sostegno Muros subterraneos y muros de retencion Drainage de murs enterrés et des murs de soutènement Подвальные и подпорные стены
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Drainage of underground walls and retaining walls


Underground walls and retaining walls
Installation of TENAX TDP as a drainage medium and lining system








TENAX TN and TNT geocomposites, positioned behind waterproofed retaining walls, constitute an effective drainage system extending to the entire construction surface, capable of uniformly and continually collecting infiltrating water, and thereby protecting against excessive overpressure and the subsequent penetration of moisture in basements and substructures in general.

TENAX MDP is used next to non-impermeable surfaces and, with its impermeable membrane, constitutes a useful "left in place formwork" to limit concrete casting.






TENAX TN geocomposite (geonet + geotextile)

TENAX TNT geocomposite (geonet + geotextiles)

TENAX MDP geocomposite (geomembrane + geonet + geotextile)

TENAX TDP geocomposite (geotextile + cuspated geonet)




















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