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Tunnel ceiling drainage, Lining of Palmentello Tunnel









Drainage Lining system for tunnel drainage
TENAX Drainage Geocomposites



Guardia Piemontese (CS) - Italy

January, 2006

Italian National Road Authority ANAS

Design Engineer:
Italian National Road Authority ANAS
General Contractor:


geocomposites for the drainage of tunnel ceiling
Photograph showing the supporting anchors holding the drainage liner


Project description

The tunnel vault was suffering from heavy leaks of water with high calcareous content, resulting in the formation of stalactites on the roof of the tunnel.

The stalactites were an obvious hazard with the potential of causing damage to passing vehicles traveling along the tunnel.

As it was not possible to destroy the concrete vault and install a new waterproofing layer, the proposed solution involved a simpler, more cost effective solution for dealing with the excess drainage.

It consisted of fixing the Tenax Drainage Geocomposite to the roof and part walls of tunnel so that the water could be collected and diverted in a safe and controlled manner towards the sides and base of the tunnel.

The installation was found to be successful as the lining removed the possibility of stalactites forming and vehicles could enter the tunnel at no risk.




drainage of tunnel ceiling






Tunnel ceiling drainage



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