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TENAX geogrids for Becconsall Lancashire drilling site


Becconsall Lancashire drilling site




TENAX LBO 370 geogrids

Location - Date:

Becconsall Lancashire, UK - 2010


Pascoe Ltd


Fox Owmby


Geosynthetics Limited



Project description

The United Kingdom is littered with small deposits of both crude oil and natural gas.


In an attempt to secure our countries energy requirement for the future these deposits are being explored.


In order to complete exploration it is necessary to install a drilling rig.


The drilling rigs are erected on site using a 100 tone crane. Fox Owmby were awarded the contract to construct the access road and working platform for the crane and drilling rig.


In order to minimize the amount of granular material required on the site, TENAX UK distributor Geosynthetics Limited, were approached to produce a preliminary calculation demonstrating the effect on construction by introducing a layer of TENAX LBO Geogrid for reinforcement.


Proposed layout

We were able to establish from the soil investigation report and the loading data for the crane that an unreinforced solution would require 650 mm type 3 sub base using BRE case load.


The effect of introducing a layer of TENAX geogrid reinforcement was calculated to reduce sub base thickness to 300 mm. Our recommendation suggested the following construction.


Becconsall drilling site layout


Becconsall drilling site

TENAX geogrids installation for Becconsall drilling site

geogrids installation for drilling site







TENAX geogrids for Becconsall Lancashire drilling site


Superficial structural foundations

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