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Retaining walls using geogrids for St. Petersburg ring road


Construction of retaining walls




TENAX T-BLOCK retaining wall system

Location - Date:

Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation - 2009



Main Contractor:

Mostotrayd 19


St. Petersburg Municipality


Structurastroy, St. Petersburg



Thanks to TENAX T-BLOCK System the southern section of Saint Petersburg’s Ring Road in Russia has been completed in record time.


The final height of the structure reached 11m with a total wall surface area of 25,000 m2 .


The Tenax Geotechnical Office (Milan) carried out the detailed designs for many of the structures consisting of bridge abutments, wing-walls, approach ramp roads and high retaining walls.


The pre-engineered block wall system proved to be an attractive, economical, and durable alternative to stone or poured concrete retaining walls.


The inherent design flexibility could accommodate a wide variety of site constraints with a pleasing aesthetic appearance.


retaining walls system St. Petersburg


retaining wall system for ring road


retaining wall system for geogrids reinforced block wall


retaining wall construction







Retaining walls using geogrids for St. Petersburg ring road


Construction of retaining walls

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