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Retaining wall in Trstena Bypass, district Tvrdošín in Slovakia



retaining wall in Trstena Bypass



TENAX T-BLOCK retaining wall system


Location - Date:

Trstená - district Tvrdošín in Slovakia - 2009


CEMOS projektová kancelária s.r.o. , Bratislava

Main Contractor:

Združenie Trstená R3”
acting on behalf of the leader
a.s., Hlinská 40, 011 18 Žilina


Národná Dial’niĉná Spoloĉnost’, a.s.
(National freeway company)


Jarmila Pietri Hoflansova



The project concerns expressway R3, section Trstená by-pass in total length of 9.8km on E77 transition route from Poland via Orava Region down to the south.


The retaining walls were constructed as end of embankments at the bridge earth fill supports for 6 bridges where they gradually turned into sloping embankments wings with average height ranging between 4 and 14 m, with horizontal configuration as required by space designated for the bridging communications.


In addition to that, one longitudinal retaining wall was constructed between bridges 203 and 204; this was necessitated due to the collision between the road embankment and land in ownership of other owner.


Retaining walls exceeding height of 5m were designed as stepped up. The faces of the walls were vertical.


Retaining walls under the bridge structure were built on the bridge supports foundations, while the wing walls are constructed on their own strip foundations.


Contractor (Združenie Trstená R3) – acting on behalf of the leader VÁHOSTAV – SK, a.s. Žilina was choosing between three systems for the construction of reinforced earth structures and decided to use combination of monooriented Tenax geo-grids and T-BLOCK concrete blocks manufactured by VÁHOSTAV – SK – PREFA, s.r.o. Horní Hriov.


The geogrids are anchored between two T-BLOCK with the use of T-Clips locks. The dimensions of the blocks are 1000 x 500 x 300 mm.



geogrid with integral junction

Geogrids mono-oriented with integral junction TT


retaining wall system installation

Installation phase of TENAX T-BLOCK system


retaining wall blocks with connectors

Profile view of Vahostav’s blocks with connector “T-Clip”


retaining wall system installation


blocks for retainings walls















Retaining wall in Trstena Bypass, district Tvrdošín in Slovakia


Construction of retaining walls

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