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Embankments construction of reinforced soil with TENAX TT mono-oriented geogrids and control erosion protection with TENAX MULTIMAT 100 geomats at the Marine installation of Huatulco, Oaxaca in Mexico



Embankments construction of reinforced soil with TENAX geogrids and erosion protection




TENAX TT mono-oriented geogrids




Huatulco Oaxaca (Mexico) 1999


Marine Ministery of Mexico


Marine Ministery of Mexico


Gutiérrez de Velasco SA de CV



In the Development Program of the tourist destiny of Huatulco, Oaxaca in Mexico, the construction of an Army and Marine installation was considered, offering with it National Security to the area.

Since land has a high importance and value in this tourist zone, the property assigned to the Army and the Marine was placed in an irregular topographic site, with a low potential to be to be operated and with little tourist attraction.


In the case of the Marine's space, which was situated in a cliff with a very difficult access that required to be levelled, cuts sections and fills were needed.


The original solution to the problem of the embankment, consisted in the construction of conventional retaining walls.

The disadvantage of this solution was the ecological impact of the construction, considering that it was situated in a tourist area, and that the final aspect of the slopes and walls was disagreeable for the place.

The alternative to the retaining walls, was the construction of slopes reinforced with TENAX TT mono oriented geogrids.
The installation of MULTIMAT 100 geomats, permitted the development of vegetation as an erosion control protection at the faces of the embankments and cuts which in some cases were almost vertical.

The three reinforced slopes, with heights of 4, 6 and 13 meters, and inclined average angle of 80º, had a length of a 20, 100 and 100 meters. The total area protected against the erosion was 7,260 square meters of slopes.


Embankments construction of reinforced soil


geogrid reinforced soil embankment


geogrid reinforced soil embankment and erosion protection




Thanks to the use of TENAX Geosynthetics in the solution for the cuts and embankments, the following benefits were obtained:

  • Ecological solution
  • Better aspect of the construction
  • Lower impact for a tourist development
  • Lower costs
  • Fast construction compared with standard solutions.







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