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  Weed control and mulching    

Weed control and mulching woven fabric TENAX GREEN COVER


Weed control and mulching professional woven fabric

105 gr/m2



mulching fabricmulching fabricweed controlTENAX GREEN COVER


Professional cover

Very closed woven fabric, it blocks the development of weeds and preserves quality and cleanness of the cultivations, reducing maintenance at the same time. Its particularly resistant structure makes it ideal on small slopes, where it helps avoiding the washing away of the soil.

  • Tear resistant
  • It is ideal on uneven grounds with sharp stones or wooden residues



tela professionale antierbacce professional woven fabric for mulching professional woven fabric for mulching

Lay down the film on the previously prepared ground and cut it in a cross shape where small flowers or vegetables will be planted. For an easy fastening to the ground, utilise the appropriate TENAX pegs.


colour prod.
1.00x10 Green  1A070448  8002929081957 
1.25x10 Green  1A110405  8002929099563 
1.60x5 Green  73350059  8002929036186  10  busta
2.00x5 Green  1A050337  8002929069115 
Bulk rolls
colour prod.
0.52x100 Black  1A050087  8002929071330   
1.05x100 Green  73050606  8002929056283   
1.05x100 Brown  1A070618  8002929083333   
1.05x100 Black  73050609  8002929056047   
1.65x100 Black  73050619  8002929056054   
1.65x100 Green  73050616  8002929056290   
1.65x100 Brown  1A070619  8002929083340   
2.07x100 White  73050211  8002929030528   
2.10x100 Brown  1A070620  8002929083357   
2.10x100 Black  73050629  8002929056061   
2.10x100 Green  73050626  8002929056306   
2.57x100 White  1A150343  8002929117403   
3.30x100 Black  73050639  8002929056078   
3.30x100 White  73050631  8002929056108   
3.30x100 Green  73050636  8002929056313   
4.20x100 Green  1A060400  8002929076847   
4.20x100 Black  73050649  8002929056030   
5.25x100 Black  73050659  8002929056085   
5.25x100 Green  1A060401  8002929076854   

Fabrics in width 3,30 – 4,20 – 5,25 m are folded in 2, so that the overall dimension of the rolls will be reduced to the half.
The fabric in green and brown colour has parallel lines every 25 cm; the fabric in black colour has 15x15 cm white squares.

woven fabric for weed control and mulching. Ideal for small steeps to prevents the washing away of the soil

for weed control and mulching.
Ideal for small steeps.

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