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Garden fencing, plastic meshes, metal wire fencing, screening, synthetic hedges, lawns, privacy screen, hail netting, bird netting, weed control, turf reinforcement, plant protection, trellis




Plastic border and fencing

Decorative garden boundary FLORET

Plastic net for fencing and protection QUADRA

Plastic mesh for garden boundaries HOBBY

Plastic net for flowers support COROLLA

Plastic fence for balcony protection EXAGON

Decorative fence and wind protection AIRY

Decorative screening mesh and windscreen TRIPLET

Screening and protection plastic mesh JOLLY

Plastic net for wind protection MISTRAL

Plastic screening net ECLIPSE

Net for poultry cages, aviaries and animal fence CINTOFLEX

Modular fencing barrier LIMIT GARDEN


Metal fencing

Plastic coated ornamental fencing DELIMET

Wire fencing with arched finishing for bordering flower beds ONDAMET

Plastic coated wire fence PLAMET

Metal wire fence for animal cages QUADRAMET

Hexagonal wire mesh for fencing EXAMET

Lawn edging

Round arched interlocking edging ARCODECO

Gothic arched lawn edging GOTICDECO

Plastic flexible edging ONDADECO

Screening and shading

Woven total screening net COIMBRA

Woven shading net and windscreen SOLEADO

Net for sun and wind protection JAMAICA

Glossy woven net for decorative screening BAHIA

Net and fleece for a total screening fence BERMUDA

Woven aluminium net LUMINAX

Shading netting kit SUNSHINE KIT


Synthetic hedges

Artificial modular hedge DIVY PUZZLE

Synthetic hedge with ivy leaves DIVY HEDERA

Trellis with ivy leaves DIVY X-TENS HEDERA

Synthetic hedge with leaves DIVY LAURUS

Bamboo looking artificial hedge DIVY BAMBOO

Total screening synthetic hedge DIVY EXTRA

Synthetic hedge with wide fringes DIVY OPTIMA


Synthetic reeds

Synthetic bamboo and willow reeds RUSTIC

Synthetic cane screening simple NILO

Synthetic cane screening double NILO PLUS

Double face synthetic wattle RIO PLUS

Simple face synthetic wattle RIO

Synthetic lawns

Synthetic lawn for interior design TERRANOVA MAT

Synthetic lawn IRISH MAT

Artificial grass for kids recreative areas FRESH MAT

Synthetic lawn for flowerbed and swimming-pools ECOGRASS MAT

Artificial grass for external floors STANDARD MAT


Lawn reinforcement

Modular grid for soil stabilization PRATOBLOCK

Reinforced lawn GP-FLEX


Films and fabrics

Waterproof liner POND FILM

Protective and draining foundation DP1

Filtration non-woven fabric TS1

Mosquito nets

Fibreglass insect screen TROPICAL

Aluminium insect screen ZANZIBAR

Plastic insect screen MOSQUITO PLUS

Protection films

Plastic films for protection COAT FILM PLUS

Reinforced film for protection NET FILM

Bubble films to protect plants BUBBLE FILM

Painter pad decorators fabric

Leaves and fruit collection

Tubular net for gutter

Leaves collection

Fruit collection

Winter covers for crop protection

Fleece for crop protection ORTOCLIMA

Decorated fleece against winter cold ORTOCLIMA DECO'

Tubular fleece for plant protection TUBOCLIMA

Protective fleece for plant protection SACCOCLIMA

Plastic films for greenhouses COAT FILM

Micro-perforated film for crop protection DOT FILM

Film to encourage crops growth SUN FILM

Kit for small greenhouses TUNNEL KIT

Anti-hail and anti-bird

Anti-bird plastic net ORTOFLEX

Hail protection woven net DEFENDER

Hail protection and anti-birds net UTILFENDER

Woven professional net for hail protection PROFENDER

Insect screen net MICROFENDER


Weed control and mulching

Impermeable film for weed control BLACK COVER

Micro-perforated film for mulching DOT COVER

Green woven fabric for mulching GREEN COVER

Non woven fabric for weed control FULL COVER


Balcony grow bags

Strawberry holder for small plants and herbs POCKET GROW

Planter for home vegetable garden VEGETABLE GROW

Planters to cultivate aromatic herbs and salads AROMATIC GROW

Planter to sustain climbing flowers and vegetables EASY GROW



Stakes and supports

Vegetable support net



Instruments and accessories


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Dom i Ogród katalog Dom i Ogród katalog


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