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Rigid mesh tubes for filters


rigid mesh tubes


The FT rigid mesh tubes range manufactured by TENAX are usually used both as inner support (core) and as outer protection for filtration cartridges for air, water and/or industrial fluids.

For limited quantities compared to molded cartridges, extrusion technology for netting provides tubular solutions suitable and adaptable to those components of the cartridge: the dimensions of the tips, the height of a pleat of the media filter.


Rigid mesh tubes for filters
Min inner
28 mm
(+/- 0,5 mm)
Max outer
225 mm
(+/- 1,0 mm)
Min length 240 mm
(+/- 2,0 mm)
Max length 6.000 mm
(+/- 1,0 mm)
Min thickness 1,5 mm
Max thickness 7,5 mm
Colour colourless*
Mesh Quadrangular, oval or rhomboidal
Section Circular, elliptical, polygonal
Inner/outer surfaces Smooth or wrinkled
Min. operating temp. - 40°C (FT/H)
Max operating temp. +120 °C (FT/P)

* Other colours available on request


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