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Pleating supports





Single or dual-flat nets with rhomboid mesh as support and pleating of media filters. The use of net as a spacer among the pleats of media filter prevents contact avoiding a reduction of the filter performance.


Pleating supports
Max length 2.000 mm
Min thickness 0,4 mm
Max thickness 3,8 mm
Min MD 2,30 mm
(+/- 1,0 mm)
Min TD 1,40 mm
Min. operating temp. -40° C (HDPE)
Max operating temp. + 120° C (PP)
Colour colourless*

* Other colours available on request

Products entirely incinerable and/or disposable
Dynamic manufacture engineering: flexibility
High efficiency in the process of production
Clear and certain sizes and tolerances
Chemical Inertia
Ultrasonic welding
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