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Geogrids and geocomposites High Modulus geogriglie e geocompositi HM High Modulus
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Geogrids and geocomposites TENAX LBO HM and GT HM



Geogrids and geocomposites High Modulus for soil stabilization









embankment with traditional geogrids

Embankment with traditional geogrids


embankment with TENAX High Modulus geogrids

Embankment with
TENAX High Modulus geogrids




Geogrids and geocomposites High Modulus
TENAX LBO HM geogrids and TENAX GT HM geocomposites are the evolution of the traditional Polypropylene extruded bi-axial geogrids with integral junctions.


The uniqueness is in the high value elastic modulus and the resulting mechanical performances at low strains (0.5% and 2.0%).

  • Reduced settlements of the structure

  • Elastic modulus > 10%
    than traditional bi-axial geogrids

  • Maximum performance can be developed immediately

  • No creep within serviceability strain

  • Better performances at a lower cost

In stabilization works, the basic requirement to define the suitability of a reinforcement is the modulus at low strains (2% or less).


Using the Peak Tensile Strength as the main design parameter has no meaning considering the real operating conditions: in fact strains that develop at peak are not compatible with the stability of any structure.



If we have to design an embankment 30m width using the tensile strength as a parameter of design, it would mean having a deformation in the reinforcement of at least 10% .


This deformation corresponds to an elongation in the geogrid of 3m (10% of 30m) and so the embankment base length would increase from 30 to 33m.
Thus, in the middle of the embankment the settlement could be:
[(33/2)²-15² ]1/2 = 6.87m...!



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Geocomposites TENAX GT HM - Data sheets


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Geogrids - Technical note


Geogrid modulus importance


Geogrids and geocomposites HM - Applications


Paved and unpaved roads stabilisation

Railroads and airport runways

Permanent and semi-permanent loads spread over large areas

Superficial structural foundations

Foundation of road-beds, embankments and earth dams



geogrids and geocomposites High Modulus

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