CROPS & GARDEN - COLD PROTECTION - Winter fabric to protect plants

Heavy non-woven winter cover with zip and straps to easily cover plants to protect against cold and frost
winter cap to protect plants in winter

60 g/m2


Fabric with zip and straps

Highly resistant white non-woven fabric for protecting plants and small trees. For very cold climates, (60 g/m²).

  • Practical and resistant to harsher climates
  • Easy installation
  • Total protection, also in the coldest climates
  • Reusable
  • For shrubs and small to medium sized trees (citrus)

More info on this product:

protection against cold
Heavy protection against cold

wind protection
Wind protection

permeable, it allows air and water to pass throughPermeable, it allows air and water to pass through

Very strong and resistant

non-woven cover for heavy protection for plants in winter

Easy to place
Surround the tree with the ZIPCLIMA EXTRA, close the zip and tighten the supplied strap to the trunk.

colour prod.
0.80 White 1A150348 8002929117441 24
2.00 White 1A150347 8002929117434 12

confezione di tessuto non tessuto con cerniera zip e lacco al fondo per proteggere le piante nei mesi invernaliSemi-circumference 0,8 m – diameter 0,5 m
Semi-circumference 2 m – diameter 1.27 m

sacco in tessuto non tessuto con cerniera zip e corda sul fondo per la chiusura.

You can place multiple plant pots under the same ZIPCLIMA with the help of a support structure.