CROPS & GARDEN - Early growth - Tubular film for tomatoes cultivation

Yellow tubular plastic film for tomatoes cultivation
plastic film for protection and tomato cultivation

50 µ

To correctly install the product, we suggest:

The product be used from April to September
Cutting the tube to 140 cm (approx.) in height
Sliding the tube over already developed tomato plants
Closing the tube on the top half only, using the fastening ropes
Removing the protection once the plant has stopped producing fruit


Designed for tomatoes

Yellow, tube-shaped film which can be slipped over tomatoes plants in order to foster and accelerate growth. Its yellow hue attracts the sun’s rays and concentrates them on smaller fruits which then ripen more quickly and more healthily. The film has been perforated to allow enough air to enter.

  • Increases plant yield and accelerates harvesting
  • Protects from sudden changes in temperature
  • Shelters from heavy rain and hail
  • Shields from bird attacks
  • You can protect 6-7 tomato plants with a single Mr. Tomato package
  • Thickness 50 micron, very resistant
colour code
0.60x10 * Yellow 1A130292 8002929109729 10

* Semi-circumference 1m.

More info on this product:

transmits solar energy to the plants
it transmits solar energy to the plants

UV resistant
UV resistant

ideal for vegetables
ideal for vegetables

protects against cold it protects against cold and temperature changes

protective film for tomatoes cultivation
Includes fastening ties