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synthetic lawns installation and maintenance prati sintetici posa e manutenzione
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  Synthetic lawns  

Synthetic lawns - Installation and maintenance

Substrate preparation
Preparation of the soil
posa prati sintetici
Remove the existing vegetation, possibly using selective herbicides and hoe the soil to remove roots or clods.
posa prati sintetici
Level the ground and make it even, to obtain an homogeneous and compact surface.
posa prati sintetici
Unroll a permeable weed-control sheet as a separation layer. Overlap adjacent rolls of about 5 cm and, if necessary, anchor the fabric to the ground.
posa prati sintetici Just in case a perfect drainage of the water is
necessary, cover the weed-control sheet with gravel
or directly with a draining and anti-weed mat (i.e.

Preparation on floors
If the flooring is waterproof (tiles, marble), lay down a draining mat (i.e. TENAX DR1) to facilitate the flowing down of water.

synthetic lawns
Laying of the turf
Small surfaces
posa prati sintetici per piccole superfici Unroll the synthetic lawn and set upright the flattened fibres using a stiff bristled brush. Do this all over the mantle and repeatedly.

To join two rolls of lawn, place side by side the sheets, verifying the same direction of the fibres and the perfect combination of edges.

Finally distribute some sand on the lawn: that will ensure the sustaining of fibres and the anchorage of grass to the ground.

posa del prato sintetico su grandi superfici
Unwrap the junction-stripe where the surface to be covered begins, and secure it with nails or double-sided adhesive tape.
posa del prato sintetico su grandi superfici
Unroll and flatten the lawn, starting from the junction-stripe. Turn backwards the edge of the lawn, so that the joining-stripe will be free. With a spatula, spread on the stripe some glue for plastic products and turn forwards the lawn directly onto the stripe.
posa del prato sintetico su grandi superfici
To join two rolls of lawn, place side by side the two sheets, verifying the same direction of fibres and the perfect matching of edges. Turn backwards both edges and proceed again with stripe and glue.
posa del prato sintetico su grandi superfici
After a 24 hours drying, distribute if required some sand using a stiff bristled brush.

To remove leaves and other debris, use a stiff bristled brush or a blower, maintaining a safe distance from the fibres.
Synthetic lawns can be simply washed with water and neutral non-abrasive detergent.
To maintain the blooming look and the durability of the fibres, it is important that the quantity of sand remains constant. Every six months possibly add new sand to restore the quantity present in the mantle.
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