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Soil stabilization lawn reinforcement modular grid TENAX PRATOBLOCK


Soil stabilization lawn reinforcement modular grid | grass protection

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56x56 mm




weightanti UV

drainingtop quality



Soil stabilization and lawn reinforcement modular grid

Heavy and rigid modular grids manufactured from HDPE, 40 mm thick, they can be easily interlocked to construct outdoor flooring and pathways. Non-toxic, draining, resistant to compression, they become invisible as soon as grass grows.

  • Modular panels, with groove and tongue joints, for a quicker installation
  • Soil hooks, to guarantee stability even on slopes
  • UV stabilized and chemicals resistant for long lasting
  • Panels can be put one on top of the other, for easy handling and stocking also outside



Soil stabilization lawn reinforcement modular grid, grass protection, ground protection meshreinforced lawn for outdoor flooring and pathways grass protection and turf reinforcement for green pathways, green car parking


colour prod.
4x50x50 Green  1A090040  8002929087201 

modular grid for reinforced lawn and grass protection


For a correct installation of the product it is suggested:

  • Lay a non woven fabric on the compacted soil.
  • Place a further layer of mixed sand and soil and compact
  • Put in place PRATOBLOCK, linking the modular grids together.
  • Fill the grid meshes with soil and irrigate copiously
  • Finally sow the lawn and spread fertilizer on it.

Future maintenance will consist only in watering, cut and manure as per any grass lawn.

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