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Films and fabrics


Film and fabrics, waterproof liner for small garden ponds, filtration geotextile for garden walkways, protective draining foundation to isolate wooden houses or flowers holders


TENAX proposes a specific line of waterproof films and fabrics for filtration for do-it-yourself purposes. These technical products, generally used in the construction market, are so simple and easy to install that can be handled by everyone.

Used individually or combined, they definitively solve some problems on gardens or in terraces.

waterproof liner for small garden ponds



Waterproof liner
A waterproof sheet for the construction of small ponds in the garden.


Waterproof liner

Protective and draining foundation made of a waterproof membrane and a filtering fabric to isolate wooden houses or flowers holdersTENAX DP1


Protective and draining foundation
Draining foundation to isolate wooden houses or flowers holders.


Protective and draining foundation

Filtration non-woven fabric for garden walkways, to separate and filter the layer of gravel from the groundTENAX TS1


Filtration non-woven fabric
Filtration non-woven fabric for the construction of walkways in the garden.


Filtration non-woven-fabric










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