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DEER FENCE to protect against deer damage
Deer-control fencing as deer deterrent

MESH: 45 x 50 mm

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Deer Fence is the most reliable way to exclude deer from areas that experience heavy deer traffic.

Deer Fence is a practical, and cost-effective method for protecting orchards, landscape and vineyards, as well as small areas and gardens.

When possible, fencing should be erected prior to deer damage to prevent deer from establishing feeding patterns. Deer can be very persistent once they’ve established a feeding pattern, which can make excluding them very difficult.

Where a deer fence is installed across known deer travel paths, flagging should be used to allow the deer to see the newly installed barrier.

Brightly colored ribbons, attached at waist height along the fence, can be used to make the fence more visible, which can help deer avoid contact with the fence.

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TENAX C-FLEXmade in Italy

Garden, landscaping and orchard being damaged by deer?
Troubles with deer and car collision?

is the effective protection against deer damage!

Deer are among the most beautiful and graceful wildlife, but a deer in your yard also means trouble.
Deer are nocturnal, selective feeders. They are primarily browsers, often consuming their food throughout the night. They prefer leaves, stems, flowers, fruit and buds of woody plants, being attracted to feed regularly on fertilized landscape plantings and cultivated croplands.

When natural food supplies are limited either seasonally or by over use by deer, your yard becomes their ideal home. Deer love the same landscapes humans do, but they may cause damage to gardens, orchards and residential properties, increasing conflicts between deer and people. Among these, collisions between automobiles and deer are the most serious.

To help reduce deer damage, a deer fence is the most permanent and reliable deer-control solution.

TENAX C-FLEX DEER FENCE is a polypropylene economical net for enclosing areas which need protection from deer damage.
TENAX C-FLEX DEER FENCE is manufactured by the extrusion process of plastic polymers and the bi-oriented stretching of the mesh which results in a high tensile strength. The addition of special additives ensures a high level of resistance to UV degradation and atmospherical elements. The light weight yet high strength of the product allows easier handling transportation and installation.

TENAX C-FLEX DEER FENCE is also ideal for protection when a fence is not needed year-round. It can be easily installed and removed and is reusable from year to year. It can also be used to cover plants or along the ground as deer deterrent.

  • Very strong, thanks to the special bi-oriented stretching
  • Tenax deer fence is lightweight
  • Tenax deer fence is easy to carry
  • UV stabilized - long lasting
  • Made of plastic, Tenax deer fence won’t rust, rot or corrode
  • Reusable and recyclable
  • TENAX DEER FENCE blends easily with shaded and wooded area and is virtually invisible once installed
  • Best seller among US Professionals.

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very strong deer fence
very strong

UV resistant
UV resistant, long lasting

rust- and rot-proof
rust- and rot-proof

easy installation
easy installation

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deer protection fence