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3D Artificial hedge 3D Artificial hedge

2D leafed hedge 2D leafed hedge

Hedge with fringesHedge with fringes

Plastic screening with leavesPlastic screening with leaves

The complete TENAX Synthetic hedges range


TENAX synthetic hedges are very realistic, are available in a wide range of leaves to suit your taste and offer the following advantages:

  • installation is easy and does not require lengthy and invasive interventions
  • low maintenance
  • they do not lose their leaves
  • they do not need to be cut
  • they are not affected by the elements such as wind, cold or heat and do not deteriorate over time
  • no irrigation or fertilisers


  • Strong visual impact
  • Florid and very natural appearance
  • Design oriented hedges

The 3d artificial hedge gives a strong visual impact as it accurately reproduced the characteristics of a natural hedge, both in the leaf type and the colouration. The leaves are positioned on a support grid and have a very florid and lush appearance, are full and lush and look realistic from any angle. This model is suitable for terraces and gardens, but is also perfect as decoration for stylish environments. They are easy to install and can be placed either vertically or horizontally.

Artificial modular hedge TENAX DIVY PUZZLE


  • Versatile
  • Inexpensive

Artificial hedge with leaves

The synthetic leafed hedge is composed of leaves similar to various species of natural plants placed on a plastic structure. The product, which is sold in easy to install rolls, is perfect as screening for balconies, terraces and gardens. Available in the TENAX range are hedges with leaves similar to LAUREL and IVY.

Synthetic hedge with ivy leaves TENAX DIVY HEDERA
Synthetic hedge with laurel leaves TENAX DIVY LAURUS

Synthetic fringed hedges

The synthetic fringed hedge is composed of fringes or thin threads sewn onto a grid made of plastic-coated iron wire. It is very useful as a temporary covering for fencing while waiting for flowers or plants to grow. They cover well and allow the view of terraces and balconies to be screened.

Total screening synthetic hedge TENAX DIVY EXTRA
Synthetic hedge with fringes TENAX DIVY OPTIMA

Plastic screening

An HDPE plastic sheets with leaves that open and close filtering the wind. Perfect on balconies and terraces for screening and wind protection

Plastic screening with leaves TENAX DIVY SIMPLE

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