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slip-proof plastic mesh for carpets
plastic mesh to keep your rugs and carpets in place

ALTmade in Italy

Non-slip mesh for rugs

Slip-proof EVA mesh to keep home rugs in place. Efficient, light, flexible and easily shapeable. Ideal for underfloor heating with panels, too.

  • High level of grip: ensures the highest efficiency level on the market
  • Very competitive price
  • Easy to cut to size
  • Hand washable, doesn’t suffer damage from detergents
  • Resistant to fungus attacks
  • Low allergenic levels
  • Doesn’t dry up
  • Completely non-toxic

To keep the product’s gripping power at its maximum, customers are advised to simply wash the product by hand (not in the washing machine) to get rid of dust. Place the rougher part in contact with the ground.

plastic fine mesh to be put under rugs and carpets to prevent slipping

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Top quality
Top quality

slip-proof carpet mesh
Slip-proof carpet mesh

nice price
Nice price

flexible and easy to cut and shape
flexible and easy to cut and shape

plastic net for carpets, it prevents slipping and keep you rug in place