TENAX company profile: Innovation, Research and Development



This facility is responsible for the dissemination and application of technological know-how to all TENAX subsidiaries. The TEC is charged with the development and improvement of the processes that manage time and methodology, coordinating the various business functions involved in the innovation process.

Value stream

Value stream

A network of diverse professionals: COLLABORATIVE DIALOGUE

Civil engineers, along with agronomy, mechanics, electronics, chemistry and management experts from all over the world and with different cultures and working experiences come together as logical teams in order to transform an idea or a project into new successful products through the process of IDEA or Project management.

We would also like to note the constant investment in research and prestigious international collaborations. TENAX can therefore work alongside its partners in experimenting, developing and then producing highly innovative solutions.

TENAX has chosen over the past 50 years to give patent protection to its inventions; this decision represents TENAX’s continuous commitment to technological innovation and its devotion to research and to the consolidation and protection of its achievements. Over the years, TENAX has stamped its products with the its trademarks and has seen its reputation grow over time. Today these trademarks identify and distinguish the quality of the TENAX group products globally.

PTEC Organization

THE QUALITY: the LABORATORY and the TQM Total Quality Management:

The Laboratory

Modern testing instrumentation and the highly specialized personnel make up the TENAX Laboratory. The TENAX laboratory is capable of performing tests for measuring the mechanical, hydraulic and durability properties of plastic materials, in agreement with standard international methodologies. The TENAX Laboratory is constantly working in conjunction with Universities, research centres, and other specialized laboratories to consistently guarantee the highest levels of professionalism.


Wide width and single rib tensile test
Peel and shear tensile junction strength
Tensile creep and tensile junction test
Puncture resistance (CBR) test
Hardness and density test
Long and short term hydraulic transmissivity tests
Soil/geosynthetic direct shear test
Pull-out test
Large scale yield
Laboratory testing on Geosynthetic damage
Melt Flow Index
Oven ageing test (thermo-oxidation)
U.V. exposure
Carbon Black test


TQM Total Quality Management

The concept of quality is not an abstract or subjective concept, it is in fact based on the TOTAL QUALITY MANAGEMENT philosophy which identifies ascertainable and objective parameters of KEY PERFORMANCE INDICATORS that measure the quality of products or services produced by TENAX and allows the logical pursuit of continuous improvement. Here are some performance indicators used by PTEC in its projects and when performing technical support for facilities of the TENAX group as a whole:


  • Mechanical Properties and Parameters Machine Direction
  • Mechanical Properties and Parameters Transversal Direction
  • Visual Quality Inspection
  • Dimensional and Physical parameters
  • Product Delta Cost within Simulation and Validation Testing of a pilot device or system


  • Innovation Technology Degree
  • Product Innovation Degree
  • Technical Services Lead Time
  • Technical Service Quality
  • Project Efficiency (Time, Cost, Risk Management)



The TENAX Quality Management System has been certified to be ISO 9001:2008 compliant by SGS Italy and by SGS UK, and this has been extended to the TENAX Tianjin China subsidiary.
The ISO 9001:2008 certification is based on procedures that aim for the continuous improvement of product and service quality assurance.
Each phase is monitored in all of its aspects: design, procurement, production and quality control on the finished product.

ISO 9001:2008 certification

PRODUCT certifications

TENAX SPA has also obtained the EC seal for geosynthetic products under the Directive for construction products. The approval was issued by Kiwa MPA Bautest GmbH, German Notified Body with European recognition.

Other certifications

After rigorous examination, some TENAX geosynthetics have achieved important certifications from the highest international technical bodies for their use in structural works with a life-time of over one hundred years.

CE marking CE Marking Certificate

CE marking CE Marking Certificate Kiwa MPA Bautest 0799-CPR-25


Civil Eng. and Development Dept.Geotechnical Engineering Office

Civil Eng. and Development Dept.Geotechnical Engineering Office HONG KONG SAR GOVERNMENTHong Kong SAR Government Reinforced fill products certificate.


Technical Application document Certificate ITC

Technical Application document Certificate ITC DVT-0001 of 14.03.2011 Certification Validity: 5 years CE Marked construction product for soil reinforcement and stabilisation.

First issued: May 9,1994
TENAX geogrids have obtained the I.T.C. Certification. I.T.C. is the Independent Institute in Italy and a member of the UEAtc. UEAtc is the European network of Independent Institutes formed by each country (ITC for Italy, BBA for UK, DIBt for Germany, ect), and engaged in the issue of Technical Approvals for innovative construction products or systems.

ISO Certifications: