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Sitemap - TENAX Geosynthetics Division



TENAX GEOSYNTHETICS: Geosynthetics for civil environmental engineering: TENAX geogrids for soil reinforcement and retaining walls; geogrids for soil stabilisation; geocomposite for drainage of landfills; walls, tunnels, roads.




Soil reinforcement

Geogrids for the stabilisation of landslides

Construction of retaining walls with geogrids

Slope crest enlargement

Construction of road and railway embankments

Containment embankments and reinforcement for waste landfill

Embankment for rock fall protection

Case histories of soil reinforcement applications with geogrids



Soil stabilisation

Paved and unpaved roads

Railroads and airport runways

TENAX solutions for railways

Permanent and semi-permanent loads spread over large areas

Superficial structural foundations

Foundations of roadbeds, embankments and earth dams

TENAX 3D grids for roads applications

Case histories of soil stabilisation applications with geogrids




Drainage of landfill

Landfill: Surface Water Collection and Removal System (SWCRS)

Landfill Gas Venting (LFG)

Landfill: Leachate Collection and Removal System (LCRS)

Landfill: Leak Detection System (LDS)


Underground walls and retaining walls

Tunnels and underground structures

Drainage of road bases

Drainage of railway tracks

Plazas, parking lots, gardens and athletics fields

Case histories of drainage applications with geotextiles, geocomposites and geonets



Erosion control

Slopes with arid and rocky matrix

Slopes with vegetative matrix

Banks for earthen canals and waterways

Impermeable banks for canals, ponds and artificial basins

Landfill capping

Case histories of erosion control applications with geomats and geocells



TENAX geosynthetics

Mono-oriented geogrid TT

Soil reinforcement geogrids system RIVEL

T-Block Retaining wall system for geogrid reinforced block walls

Three-dimensional geogrids TENAX 3D GRIDS

Geogrids TENAX LBO HM and geocomposites TENAX GT HM

Bi-oriented geogrid LBO

Geocomposite (geogrid + geotextile) GT

TENAX GEORAFT Foundation System

TENAX HD High Drainage geocomposites

TENAX HF High Friction geocomposites

Geonet CE

Triplanar geonet GNT

Triplanar geocomposite (geonet + geotextiles) TENDRAIN

Geocomposite (geonet + geotextile) TN

Geocomposite (geonet + geotextiles) TNT

Geocomposite (geotextile+ cuspidated geonet) TDP

Geocomposite (cuspidated geomembrane + geotextile) MDP


Reinforced geomat MULTIMAT R

Geocells TENWEB



Literature and technical info

Technical documents

Geosynthetics data sheets and tender specs

Geosynthetics terminology

Geosynthetics function




Installation procedures

Reinforced soil walls and steep slopes using TENAX RIVEL System

Installation of TENAX T-Block retaining wall system

Installation of TENAX 3D Grids, LBO geogrids and GT geocomposites for ground stabilisation

Installation of TENAX TENWEB geocells

Installation of TENAX MULTIMAT geomats on slopes and channels




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