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TENAX CONSTRUCTION: Building site fencing, road works, pipeline signalisation; nets for scaffolding covers, plaster reinforcement, geotextiles for drainage and protection of foundations, turf reinforcement and protection, screening




Building site fencing

Building site fence GIGAN

Building site fencing net DRAGON

Working site and road works fencing WORKING

Road works signalisation FORT/L

Work signalling strip TRAFFIC

Total screening fencing TENAX TORPEDO

Modular barrier fencing system

Modular barrier for road works LIMIT 1

Modular fencing for building site LIMIT 2

Modular barrier for sport events LIMIT SPORT

Modular fencing barrier TENAX LIMIT GARDEN

Underground warning device

Underground warning device TENAX SIGNAL

Plastic net for pipeline signalisation TENAX SIGNAL EN

Underground pipelines protection

Fencing and screening

Plastic fencing TENAX CINTOFLEX

Fencing large areas TENAX MILLENNIUM

Industrial and residential fencing TENAX RANCH 1

Fencing sport fields TENAX RANCH 4

Total screening fencing TENAX BERMUDA

Woven screening net TENAX SOLEADO

Shading and screening mesh TENAX JAMAICA

Total screening net TENAX COIMBRA

Natural imitation plastic TENAX NILO RUSTIC

Synthetic hedge TENAX DIVY LAURUS

Drainage and protection composites

Membrane for protection PRT

Membrane and non-woven for drainage DP 1

Filtration and drainage composite DR 1

Net and geotextiles for drainage and filtration DR 2

Geotextiles TS for drainage

Plaster reinforcement and anti-cracking nets

Plaster reinforcement RF 1

Plaster reinforcement RF 2

Plaster reinforcement ARMAFLEX

Fibreglass net for screed reinforcement ARMATEK

Fibreglass net for plaster reinforcement KAP - KAP/S

Fibreglass net for plaster reinforcement KAP/L

Fibreglass tape for cracks repair JOINT

Scaffolding covers

Green woven net TENAX COVERET for scaffolding covers

Scaffolding covers white TENAX COVERET L

Scaffolding covers white TENAX COVERET H


Protection and multi-purpose

Impermeable transparent film TENAX COAT FILM PLUS

Decorators fabric TENAX PAINTER PAD

Turf reinforcement

Ground stabilization net TENAX GP FLEX

Lawn reinforcement net TENAX TR

Panel mesh to protect green areas TENAX TRACKWAY

Plastic grid for lawn protection TENAX PRATOBLOCK

Turf reinforcement biodegradable non-woven

Professional mulching cover TENAX GREEN COVER

Synthetic lawns


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