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Geosynthetics Technical Office TENAX GTO



Geosynthetics Technical Office


TENAX GTO Geosynthetics Technical Office


The TENAX Geosynthetics Division and the TENAX GTO (Geosynthetics Technical Office), team of qualified Civil Engineers, provide solutions for environmental and civil engineering applications by cooperating with consultants and assisting with the preparation of complete design packages.


The TENAX Geosynthetics Division provides field and laboratory testing, construction, quality control and engineering analysis. Moreover, TENAX offers local support and services through its worldwide office network.


TENAX has built up a worldwide reputation for its excellence in the following areas:


state-of-the-art geotechnical engineering services from field and laboratory testing to engineering analysis and construction procedures;
engineers, geologists an environmental experts provide a balanced solution to any environmental project;
educational seminars, design workshops and customized “in-house” training;
specific software for designing Civil Engineering applications with TENAX geosynthetics.



In order to solve engineering problems, the TENAX Geosynthetics Technical Office (GTO) will assist you in selecting, designing and developing technically appropriate and cost effective solutions.


TENAX GTO can assist Engineers in their assessment of the proposed structure ensuring consideration is given to the drainage pathways (in and around the structure) and any additionally applied external loads including checks for the overall global stability of the structure.






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