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TENAX reinforced slope for Northumberland sculpture


northumberland sulpture a wonder to be hold




TENAX TT uni-axial geogrids

Location - Date:

Cramlington, Northumberland - UK


CETCO Europe Ltd

GeoRaft Consultant:

Wardell Armstrong LLP

TENAX distributor:

Geosynthetics Limited, UK



Project description

TENAX are proud to be associated with a unique piece of artwork. The ‘Northumberlandia’ sculpture will be made from 1.5 million tonnes of earth from the Shotton mine, near Cramlington and, will form the centrepiece of a 19 hectare public park on the Blagdon Estate.


The sculpture - the shape of a woman lying down, formed from a series of hills - has been designed by world renowned American landscape architect Charles Jencks and has been privately funded by the Banks Group and Blagdon Estate.


When completed, it will be over 400m long and taller than an eight storey building reaching 34m at her highest point.


The sculpture is approximately seven and a half times larger than St James Park football ground and will take about 20 minutes to walk the 1162 metre path around the structure.


In excess of 1.5 million tonnes of reclaimed soil and clay will be used in the creation of the sculpture using selected material excavated from the Shotton Surface Mine.


Northumberlandia and the surrounding park will provide a recreation area and it is anticipated that the site will contribute the local economy with an estimated 200,000 visitors coming to view the sculpture each year.


reinforced slope for Northumberlandia sculpture




TENAX distributor, Geosynthetics Limited was initially approached by Consultant Wardell Armstrong to offer some advice on overcoming problems in creating the more intricate areas of the sculpture.


Preliminary calculations were produced to determine the suitability of TENAX geogrids for incorporation within a reinforced earth solution.


The calculations for the eyebrows, nose and chin were approved and with the introduction of contracting partners CETCO Europe Ltd, Geosynthetics were able to provide a full “Design, Supply & Installation” package to the client.


The solution utilised the use of TENAX TT045 & TT060 uni-axial geogrids inside a series of reinforced earth structures with the face of the slopes protected with a permanent erosion control mat designed to ensure sustained protection and even vegetation growth.


Once completed it is understood that this will be the largest human form to be sculpted into the land, in the world.


northumberland sulpture a wonder to be hold


reinforced slope installation


Northumberlandia reinforced slope







TENAX reinforced slope for Northumberland sculpture


Construction of retaining walls

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