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Landslide consolidation in Boscaccia, Sondrio, Italy



The repaired sloped blends into the natural surroundings of the area

The repaired sloped blends into the natural surroundings of the area



TENAX TT mono-oriented geogrids



Boscaccia, Sondrio, Italy


Office of Public Works Lombardy Region


Dr. Ing. Del Simone, Dr. Azzola


PAC SpA, Capo di Ponte (BS)




In July of 1987, following heavy rainfall and exceptionally large quantities of melting snow, the Adda river disastrously overflowed leading to both floods and the bursting of river banks.


The rain and floods also led to numerous landslides through the Valtellina valley. One such landslide occurred in Boscaccia, in the municipality of Sondalo, in the province of Sondrio.

The landslide in question involved gravely sandy soil which formed part of an alluvial cone; the total volume of the landslip was approximately 1.1 million cubic meters and the total height of the slope was approximately 50 meters.

The problem involved both the stabilisation of the slope and the protection against erosion at the base of the slope: both of these tasks to be carried out taking into account the great scenic and tourist value of the area.



The erosion protection at the base of the slope was achieved through the construction of a reef of large boulders extending 160 meters, and a reinforcing wall allowing the passage of water.

In addition to the drainage trenches, the slope was stabilised by constructing 5 large terraces, each measuring 4 metres in height, 12.5 metres in depth and 130 metres in length, which were reinforced with TENAX TT 400 geogrid.


Landslide caused by heavy rain and flooding of the river

Landslide caused by heavy rain and flooding of the river


Utilising TENAX geogrids the failed slope is repaired

The failed slope is repaired with TENAX geogrids


Establishment of grass growth

Establishment of grass growth




The construction of earth terraces reinforced with TENAX TT400 geogrids allowed:

  • The construction of a 25 m high geogrid reinforced structure for stabilising the slope providing an overall slope safety factor of 1.9.

  • The greatest simplicity in setting up the structure by re-using and improving the soil located on the site. During the project a team of 4 workers installed 33,000 m2 of geogrids in 60 days.

  • The creation of a 1:1 gradient terraced slope which is completely stable and grassed, achieving the maximum protection of the area's scenic attraction.






Stabilisation of landslides
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